We are the point of contact with the right voice for your brand. Our talent pool of professional voice over actors have you covered in more than 50 languages and markets.


At The Sound Enclave, we understand the importance of a great soundtrack. From special effects to powerful music and a well-mastered mix, we know how to create the right emotions in your audience.


Streamline your dubbing process with Dubbing Desk ©. Our platform optimizes delivery times, eliminates production chain disruptions, and provides a user-friendly interface to manage all stages and departments involved in dubbing. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and experience a seamless dubbing workflow with Dubbing Desk.


Our web app to improve and enjoy timed audition requests. Audio is recorded in perfect sync with video, perfect for dubbing or lipsync voice overs; just import directly to your DAW for post tasks. It’s easy, fast, and gorgeous. Compatible with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.


Are you a voice talent with a home studio? Let us offer your voice and represent you in our castings. Join the team and let's find together the best work-life balance

Audition Desk

Post an Audition request

By uploading a local video or using a YouTube or Vimeo link, actors can access details such as references, budgets, character profiles, and deadlines. You can also upload a timed script to speed up the process and improve the actor’s experience.

Reach without limit

Our professional pool of voice actors get notified firsthand, but you can share your audition request link with your own talent pool or studio partners, so they can participate without need of an account with us, we understand the value of their privacy.

Be surprised

Discover a new world of opportunities and talents with different recording capabilities and evaluate key elements like audio quality, experience and lip sync if needed in a single place. Anyone with a good internet connection can participate from a computer or a mobile device anytime, anywhere.

Choose the right ones

As a producer, you can evaluate each voice individually or as a group to help decide the best options for your project. Merge the final selection to share it with your team or client and, once approved, simply contact the actors for further details.

Join our talent pool

We are always looking for professional voice actors, join us for free.





What We Do

Years of experience and professional quality at your service.
B2B Commercial Voice Over

B2B Commercial Voice Over

An end to end commercial voice over and original music creation service for advertising. Our voice actor database has been growing steadily in more than 51 countries around the world.
Audio Post Production

Audio Post Production

Mixing 2.0, 5.1 & 360 for Broadcast, Films, YouTube, Facebook and Musical Productions. Sound Design and Foley using premium sample libraries, Dialog Editing, Quality Control, Vocal Comping and Tuning.
Web Developement

Web Developement

In addition to voice over and audio post-production, we offer web development services. Our team creates web applications to increase productivity in the audio industry. Contact us to learn more

Our Customers Reviews

  • This company is very professional, they know what they are doing with positive results for their clients, I recommend them 100%
  • Working with you has been very pleasant, you are a professional team with a lot of knowledge in this industry. Thank you so much!!
  • They are definitely committed to their clients, they feel that their client's business is theirs and they give you more than 100%
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