Audition Desk

Find the perfect match!

The easiest way to create and participate in a Casting Call
Working remotely has become a lifestyle for a lot of us who seek to have control of our life and work balance. Audition Desk (former Easy Casting Calls), was developed for the voice acting market with those principles in mind, opening a new channel of opportunities for actors and producers around the globe by removing the hustle of phone calls, studio time, a full inbox, etc. What if we told you that you could post an Audition Request or Casting Call with or without a sample video, and that any interested actor could take part remotely by recording their voice for you to evaluate them, and that you could then listen to each voice or combination of voices, keeping track of your favorite ones, and still discover new, fresh and unique talents to find the perfect fit?  Sound good? Because that's exactly what we’ve built for you.

Easy to create

Post a YouTube, Vimeo or local video for actors reference. Upload a script to let the actors choose the character they want to cast for and to show them a timed synced script. Don't have a video? No worries! You can create the casting call without synced tet, perfect for Commercial Spots, Audiobooks, Promos, etc.

Watch it grow

Let's spread the word so any interested voice-over talent from your private pool (without needing and account) or from  our database can participate. Anyone in the world can be part of this by getting your shared link or by creating a free Actor account anytime.

Anywhere, Anytime

Flexible tool to match any scenario.
Open yourself to a wide range of opportunities, interesting projects & new voices. Audition Desk can process up to 5 minutes of content, more than enough for any voice testing purposes and audio quality depends entirely on the actor's sound setup.


All voices are organized by Casting Calls, allowing you to compare, select and combine them. Keep record of your favorites by giving them a score and resume the listening at a later time if needed. Share it with your team and evaluate audio quality, lip sync & profesionalism.


Discover a wide range of opportunities and participate in any casting call that suits your wants and desires. Get notified if a producer selected your voice and get ratings based on the producers selections. Rehearse as much as needed before you submit your audition, or even replace it with a new take, any time before the call is closed. And free!

Producer Subscription Available

If you are an agency or an individual and you would like to use our tools and query our talents directly please contact us.

Some Technical Details.

Internal recording format
.wav @ 16 bits 48 kHz.
Download format
.mp3 @ 128 kbps
Headphones, Microphone, High Speed Internet connection and a device that can play videos from the web.
Tested in the lastest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safary over Windows, Mac OS and Android


My internet is really bad, may I still use the app?
You need a Good internet connection, keep in mind that your device will need to load a video from our Server, YouTube or Vimeo as well as upload audio files as well. We have tested it successfully on connections of 10 Mbps and over, below that speed, we can't guarantee a seamless experience.