Honesty, experience, creativity and knowledge are the basis of quality.

The Sound Enclave LLC is a family business incorporated in 2019, by Audio Engineer Johnny Serra and Producer Mariel Linares, due the the need of professional and creative solutions to common problems in the post production industry, especially in these times, where there are many remote solutions, but a few with the experience and quality needed for a profesional result.

Johnny Serra graduated at the Taller of Arte Sonoro (Venezuela), as Audio Engineer and as the best of the class of 1998. A few years later founded and designed Estudios Backstage Latinoamérica C.A. along with Victor Moron, making it the most important recording studio in Venezuela to date and becoming one of the most recognized audio engineers in the country. Also, he founded Tecnología JRWebmasters C.A., a small web development company.

Shortly after, Mariel Linares joins the team taking care of the Language and Quality Control Management at Estudios Backstage, successfully managing more than 3000 hours of content, until 2018, when they decide to move to the United States.
Technology has taken giant steps in quality, giving us the right tools to be a professional remote solution for individuals and businesses in the audio and video industry. If you need professionals to handle high workloads or simply bring your project to life, especially in these times of change, where remote solution has become a necessity, we are here to serve you.

Our creative mind goes beyond audio, we are innate developers, and as such, we have created websites and applications that optimize common problems in localization studios, which have become a success and a fundamental piece of the studios operations, we invite you to visit Dubbing Desk.

We want to thank you in advanced, for your trust and your interest in knowing a little more about us.

A few words from the Founders

We firmly believe that quality requires dedication, for this reason, we take the right time to deliver an impeccable product. 

In the midst of all these changes, we become a guild, a group with the mentality and experience of the golden age of audio, with today's reach and technology, an Enclave, The Sound Enclave.
Johnny Serra & Mariel Linares
The Sound Enclave LLC Founders.

Meet The Team

Johnny Serra
Johnny SerraFounder, CEO
Mariel Linares
Mariel LinaresFounder, CFO

“Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be establish.”

Proverbs 16:3

Our Customer Reviews

  • They are definitely committed to their clients, they feel that their client's business is theirs and they give you more than 100%
  • I have been a client since 2007 and I am really very happy with his way of working, highly professional and friendly, quick responses and a genuine desire to help answer any questions you may have!
  • Worked with Johny from JR Wemasters, my experience was exceptional. It was really easy working with him, he was always available, made the process easy to understand for us and always made great suggestions. I would recommend JR Webmasters to anybody who needs a new website and/or needs to redo an existing website. Thank you Johny for your professionalism. Looking forward to continue working with you. Fernando R. Rodriguez Director Of Public Affairs frodriguez@anamericaninjustice.com

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